Guitar Lessons Near 'Houston'

Guitar Lessons With Nick Rawson

5 out of 4 Reviews

I'm a classically trained flute player, and have taken many a private lesson over the years. In February, I wanted to begin learning guitar so I reached... | Read More On...

Address: 1531 Marshall St, Apt 4, MontroseHouston, TX 77006 | +1-713-857-3039

Heights Guitar School

5 out of 1 Reviews

My grand-daughter wanted to learn piano but it was just too boring for her. I found a Groupon and took a chance on guitar lessons @ Heights Guitar... | Read More On...

Address: 1521 Columbia, The Heights, Houston, TX 77008 | +1-832-881-4055

Fuller's Vintage Guitar

4 out of 25 Reviews

Not much you can say about this place. If you are a true musician, this is your kind of music store... great brands, lots of choices, and an extremely... | Read More On...

Address: 116 N Lp, The Heights, Houston, TX 77008 | +1-713-880-2188


5 out of 1 Reviews

I've been taking lessons here for over a month and the lessons are top notch!. From day one you will see improvements. Now I am only speaking for the vocal... | Read More On...

Address: 3402 Runnels St, Second Ward, Houston, TX 77003 | +1-281-968-8265

Rockin Robin Guitars & Music

3.5 out of 32 Reviews

I really enjoy going to this guitar store. I always speak to a friendly worker, they never complicate things in regard to guitar know-how. They are very... | Read More On...

Address: 3619 S Shepherd Dr, Museum District, Houston, TX 77098 | +1-713-529-5442

Guitar Center Lessons

3 out of 1 Reviews

I was in here midday on a Monday and this place was pretty deserted. They were plenty staffed up as I saw at least 10 workers standing around chatting with... | Read More On...

Address: 195 Yale St, Ste 200, The HeightsHouston, TX 77007 | +1-832-673-0828

Vivaldi Music Academy - West U Location

4 out of 13 Reviews

Great place to learn music. Very good with kids. Professional in managing scheduling and recitals. Dedicated teachers who are patient, nurturing, and strict... | Read More On...

Address: 3914 Gramercy St, Ste B, West UniversityHouston, TX 77025 | +1-713-858-9617

Fort Bend Music Center

4.5 out of 5 Reviews

Incredible instructors, staff and facility. My son has been going there since we moved here in November and has grown so much as a musician. The gift of... | Read More On...

Address: 3133 Southwest Fwy, West University, Houston, TX 77098 | +1-832-500-4320

Houston Guitar Service

5 out of 1 Reviews

I don't know where to start. I found this by chance on Craig's List about three months ago. I inquired about lessons. First day I walked in, I saw this... | Read More On...

Address: Fourth Ward, Houston, TX 77006, |

Dinky Drum Company

5 out of 1 Reviews

The folk running this school are very passionate about teaching music and I personally appreciate their teaching methods for my kid. I am highly... | Read More On...

Address: 2213 Wichita St, MacGregor, Houston, TX 77004 | +1-713-520-0520

Sessions Music West U

4 out of 1 Reviews

I want to learn Guitar and they offer a trial lesson for $25 which will be the registration fee. They have a quite a few lesson rooms and large recital room... | Read More On...

Address: 3835 Bellaire Blvd, Ste A, West UniversityHouston, TX 77025 | +1-713-664-0077

Firehouse Music

5 out of 4 Reviews

Stopped in for the first time today. I was looking for some new lights, and thought I would give them a try. Mike helped me out tremendously. He was... | Read More On...

Address: 8320 Louetta Rd, Spring, TX 77379, | +1-281-251-8100