Guitar Lessons Near 'Los Angeles'

Lloyd Moss

5 out of 66 Reviews

This guy is the man. He is well versed in classic rock which I love. He even loaned me a guitar to practice. He is patient, friendly, cool and easy to... | Read More On...

Address: Los Angeles, CA 90046, , | +1-310-919-9127

Lessons By Drew

5 out of 38 Reviews

It was EXACTLY what I'd hoped for. And my situation was a fairly high-pressured one. My old band was getting back together for a reunion show. We had two... | Read More On...

Address: 727 W 7th St, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA 90017 | +1-213-663-6185

John's Music Center

5 out of 24 Reviews

John's Music Center comes through again with great values and top notch customer service! 2 years ago I came with my friend (I'm a cellist) to buy her son... | Read More On...

Address: 2845 W Olympic Blvd, Pico-Union, Los Angeles, CA 90006 | +1-213-908-5767

Silver Echo Guitar Lessons

5 out of 7 Reviews

I have always wanted to pick up the guitar and i finally made the decision to try 1 lesson with Sean. Amazing, so much fun, breaks it down and goes through... | Read More On...

Address: Silver Lake, Silver Lake, CA 90026, | +1-831-915-4452

All In One Guitar

5 out of 48 Reviews

Outstanding work. Jin and his crew just love guitars. They set up my Les Paul to perfection--now it plays like a dream. To the entitled brat Kim B who... | Read More On...

Address: 533 S Western Ave, Ste A, KoreatownLos Angeles, CA 90020 | +1-213-568-3073

Los Angeles Guitar Bass and Drum Lessons

5 out of 10 Reviews

I know I will learn from Jan ever since my first class with him. He teaches techniques while manage to make the process fun. He explains everything he wants... | Read More On...

Address: 1454 W 36th St, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, CA 90018 | +1-818-231-9034

Jason Myers Music Lessons

5 out of 19 Reviews

Guitar, ukelele, slide guitar, bass... Jason is a pretty amazing teacher, mentor, person all around. I've been taking lessons from him for about 2 years... | Read More On...

Address: 3830 Brunswick Ave, Atwater Village, Los Angeles, CA 90039 | +1-213-359-2331

Mark Bouras Guitar Lessons and Events

5 out of 34 Reviews

From the get-go Mark Bouras was amazing. Not only was he phenomenal on the Ukulele and the Guitar but he was the ultimate professional. He responded to... | Read More On...

Address: 744 N Alfred St, Beverly Grove, Los Angeles, CA 90069 | +1-424-281-4871

Janet Robin Guitar Lessons

5 out of 12 Reviews

I started out following Janet's gigs and was wowed by her guitar skills. She played on a few of my own recordings. She was just brilliant. I've played... | Read More On...

Address: Pico-Robertson, Los Angeles, CA 90035, | +1-310-387-2599

Silverlake Conservatory of Music

4.5 out of 21 Reviews

I started coming to the Silverlake Conservatory of Music several months ago when they were located at their Sunset Junction location (so haven't yet checked... | Read More On...

Address: 4652 Hollywood Blvd, East Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA 90027 | +1-323-665-3363

SoundLife Music Academy

5 out of 6 Reviews

We love SoundLife! My 5 year old son really enjoys working with Chris on his guitar skills. He has great energy and lots of patience. So much fun and I love... | Read More On...

Address: 1254 Queen Anne Pl, Mid-Wilshire, Los Angeles, CA 90019 | +1-323-825-9566

James Hunley Guitar Studio

5 out of 14 Reviews

I'm a beginner and I've been taking guitar with James around a month and a half .and he is awesome he explains everything clearly makes it easy for you to... | Read More On...

Address: 5152 Maplewood, Larchmont, Los Angeles, CA 90004 | +1-323-464-3766