Guitar Lessons Near 'Los Angeles'

Lessons By Drew

5 out of 40 Reviews

Drew is the best teacher I've had the pleasure of taking lessons from. I'm in my 30's and since I was 15, I've had a few teachers. Drew is the first teacher... | Read More On...

Address: 801 S Olive St, Downtown, Los Angeles, CA 90014 | +1-213-663-6185

California Guitar Academy

5 out of 28 Reviews

California Guitar Academy is great. All of the instructors are very passionate about music, which is what you really want in a music teacher. I have... | Read More On...

Address: 11445 Paramount Blvd, Ste C, Downey, CA 90241 | +1-310-753-8255

Silver Echo Guitar Lessons

5 out of 10 Reviews

Sean Smith is a number of things. One, he's EXTREMELY talented! His music demonstrates such a high level of competency, dedication and style. I'm inspired... | Read More On...

Address: Silver Lake, Silver Lake, CA 90026, | +1-831-915-4452

South Pasadena Guitar Dojo

5 out of 6 Reviews

Joe is a great instructor. I was looking for a local instructor for my 7 year old when I moved into the area. I called him after I was referred to him... | Read More On...

Address: 1132 Mission St, Ste B1, South PasadenaSouth Pasadena, CA 91030 | +1-323-828-9351

Jason Myers Music Lessons

5 out of 21 Reviews

Awesome dude, awesome lessons. Great guitar players are many, great teachers are few. Jason is knowledgeable, organized and best of all patient. One of the... | Read More On...

Address: 3830 Brunswick Ave, Atwater Village, Los Angeles, CA 90039 | +1-213-359-2331

John's Music Center

5 out of 36 Reviews

I purchased a guitar here the other day. John was very helpful and knowledgeable about various guitar types and brands. He helped me pick out the right... | Read More On...

Address: 2845 W Olympic Blvd, Pico-Union, Los Angeles, CA 90006 | +1-213-908-5767

Los Angeles School of Guitar

5 out of 8 Reviews

I have been trying to teach myself guitar (largely unsuccessfully) for a few years. About a year ago I decided to get serious about guitar and found the Los... | Read More On...

Address: 238 3/4 Lake Shore Ter, Westlake, Los Angeles, CA 90026 | +1-503-381-2808

Guitar Lessons with Angelo

5 out of 12 Reviews

If you want to learn how to play the guitar: GO SEE ANGELO! I was gifted a guitar for Christmas by my mom, knowing if I had the tool; I'd finally take the... | Read More On...

Address: 236 W Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801, | +1-626-297-2812

Andy's Music Lessons

5 out of 4 Reviews

Andy was very helpful to me in the path to finding my inner creative voice. I had very little musical experience before taking lessons with him and wanted... | Read More On...

Address: Downtown, Los Angeles, CA 90021, | +1-414-559-5928

Guitar Lesson Source

5 out of 16 Reviews

Xavier is one of a kind, the best. I'm long-winded and detailed, so if you're feeling this is a TLDR situation, just know this: Xavier is amazing. He is... | Read More On...

Address: 7028 Greenleaf Ave, Unit G, Whittier, CA 90601 | +1-562-696-1410

All In One Guitar

5 out of 64 Reviews

Loved these folks. They fixed up my guitar quickly and economically -- they took a look, saw what I needed, and went to work. They've got parking, which... | Read More On...

Address: 533 S Western Ave, Ste A, KoreatownLos Angeles, CA 90020 | +1-213-568-3073

Los Angeles Guitar Bass and Drum Lessons

5 out of 10 Reviews

I know I will learn from Jan ever since my first class with him. He teaches techniques while manage to make the process fun. He explains everything he wants... | Read More On...

Address: 1454 W 36th St, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, CA 90018 | +1-818-231-9034