Easy Song to Play on Guitar

Learn your first easy song on guitar

In this free online tutorial, you will learn how to play what may or may not be your first song on guitar - Knocking On Heaven's door. This song has been performed by many great musician's including Bob Dylan, Guns and Roses, and many many more. But more importantly it is a great and easy song for beginner guitar players to learn.

If you haven't already done so, get yourself up to speed by going through the free online lessons. The lessons begin with the lesson entitled 'Introductions' and will take you step by step in showing you everything you need to learn and practice in order to get to a point where you can play the individuals chords comprising this song. Once you have gone through these lessons you will be ready to watch the following video and will be able to follow along and learn the song.

Your very first song

Transcript of video: Welcome back. Last week's lesson, I taught you a chord progression and strum pattern and it went like this (strum pattern is played).

Now in today's lesson, we're going to take that strum pattern and use it to learn an entire song. the song well be learning is called knockin on heaven's door. and to play that song all we have to do is repeat that pattern with some slight variations a number of times. So first we're going to repeat that pattern twice and that will be the intro to the song.

The intro is typically where the listener gets acclomated to teh type of music and the sound and key that your playing in. And often there's a a lead guitar and some other embellishments to it. After the intro, we're going to repeat the cycle another four times during what's called the verse. And the verse is where the lyrics come in and they start playing over the backdrop of the music. Once we have the first verse - so that's six cycles of the entire chord progression - we're going to play the same exact chord progression but instead of playing G D A minor, we're going to play G D C.

If you don't remember the C chord - how to form it with your gripping hand - go back to lesson on forming the C chord and refresh your memory. And we're going to play that G D C two times. And then we're going to go back to the second verse and we'll be playing G D A minor during that verse just like we did during the first verse. The second verse like the first verse is four cycles of that strum pattern. And then once we play the second verse, we'll repeat the chorus as many times as we like. I'll do it two times for the purpose of this lesson.