G Note Guitar

The "G Note" On Guitar

If you are a beginner just learning how to play guitar, then the fretboard can sometimes seem frustration and indeed can be puzzling and mysterious. Some of the most important basic concepts are breezed over or entirely missed by some of the best guitar teachers online and offline because they take their knowledge for granted. Because we understand this frustration aspect of learning, we wanted to make some very basic note charts that just help beginner students identify the names of the notes. Below is a chart that will show you how to play the 'G Note' on guitar.

G Note guitar

In addition to learning the names of the notes, you also need to learn how to depress the notes comfortably and naturally. This takes lots of practice. We recommend playing each note a couple times each day for five to ten minutes for a few weeks until you get the hang of it.

To learn the names of all the notes, we highly recommend the fretboard note map, which can be found here and is pictured below.

What are the guitar notes