Maintaining Your Guitar

Guitar Care 101

Caring for your guitar is important for maintaining the proper functioning, aesthetic appeal, and value of your guitar. This page provides some information about proper guitar care.

One very important aspect of maintaining your instrument is to keep it well protected when you are not using it. This means buying a guitar case, if you don't already have one, and making sure to habitually put your guitar away when you are not using it. Another aspect of this is to protect your instrument from the elements and, particularly, from changing temperatures and dry air. Dry air and changes in temperature are the quickest way to warp the wood that your guitar is made of. This warping will of course be subtle, but can effect the intonation of the fretboard - sometimes in ways that cannot be undone. Do NOT leave your guitar in hot cars during the summer or out in the cold. And make sure that you have a humidifier in the room where your instrument is stored. Another measure you can take to keep the proper moisture in the air where your guitar is stored is to put a damp sponge anywhere in the guitar case. If you like, you can put the sponge in a container with small holes poked into the lid. This will help ensure your guitar always has proper moisture.

Another important aspect of maintaining your instrument is to change your strings regularly. This will have the most noticeable affect on the actual sound of the guitar. If you play often, you should change your strings every two months. You don't need to change your strings quite as frequently if you don't play very often.

Finally, keep the neck of your instrument free of dirt buildup and grime by regularly cleaning your guitar neck. You can view details about how to clean your fingerboard here. And you can find detailed information about how to change your guitar strings here.